Programmed drums not sounding real? Have a professional drummer write a bespoke part for you track, record it using his own rig and/or help the arrangement suit your style of production.

Arranging for drums involves re-assembling previously composed or recorded drum tracks. This can make it differ from the original track by rephrasing rhythms, modifying tempo and developing general drum alignment to sit better within the song’s structure and other instrument parts.

Writing may also be referred to as composition, which is the creation of drum parts for a track / project either in segments or its entirety.

Recording applies to tracking or re-tracking of a drums part for a song or project. This can incorporate writing new material or re-arranging prior recorded material for that project if desired.


Arranging drums tracks will usually incorporate re-working material for introductions, modulations, transitions and outros (endings). The skill is devised around giving existing work a ‘lift’, better structure and more musical variety.

  • Arrange and re-arrange previously recorded or composed drum parts
  • Alters drum structure from an existing work
  • Rephrase rhythms and adjust timings
  • Rework or create new drum material for introductions, modulations, transitions and outros (endings)
  • Give existing work a lift, improve overall structure and provide more musical variety


Songwriters, percussionists and drum owners can assist with writing a whole part or partially re-write existing material to fit in with the rest of the track.

  • Composition of new drum material
  • Assists in completely or partially writing drums for a song or project
  • Re-write existing drums to fit in with other elements of a track or song
  • Performed by songwriters, producers, percussionists and drummers who are experienced in writing drum parts


In the context of The Audio Hunt, recording applies to tracking or re-tracking of a drums part for song or project. It may also involve creating a new recording of an existing part to use a specific drum kit or simply to obtain a certain tone from another User’s equipment and processing chain.

  • Recording new drum material
  • Re-recording existing material to use a specific drum or drum kit or processing chains to obtain a certain tone.
  • Can incorporate writing and arranging


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