The Amek Channel in a Box is the input channel of the famous 9098i console, featuring a mic input, line input, filters, EQ, compressor and output section, all contained within a single, 1U unit.

Designed for professional producers and engineers, the Channel In A Box is a powerful yet compact outboard unit with the sonic quality and features of a top mixing console. AMEK's Channel in a Box includes a microphone preamplifier and line input amplifier, high and low pass filters, four-band EQ and fully-featured compressor. The filters and EQ sections are virtually identical to those found on AMEK's 9098i Super Analogue console by designer Rupert Neve, including the unique Glow and Sheen characteristics. The CIB's transformer-coupled line inputs provide two separate signal paths into which any of the four sections of processing -- filters, high- and low-frequency and two mid-bands of EQ, and a compressor -- may be inserted. The mic input features Rupert Neve's TLA or Transformer Like Amplifier, which behaves similarly to a transformer balanced amp. The filters and EQ sections can be individually inserted into the side-chain of the compressor.

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