The API 7600 Channel Strip combines some of the best features and classic API modules in a single 1U 19” rack unit. The 7600 houses an API 212L microphone preamp, its ‘legacy’ 225L compressor and an updated API 550a EQ module.

API Audio is best known for its classic microphone preamplifiers and equalizers whose designs are nearly identical to the originals of 1968. Their products have been in production almost continuously ever since.

In the early 2000s, API unveiled the 7600 Channel Strip, an all-discrete unit that would soon be considered a modern classic by many engineers. It combines the best of API’s classic modules – including a Mic Preamp section, EQ and Compressor modules – in a convenient and studio-friendly design.

By using the same API 2520 op amps and custom made transformers, the 212L preamplifier section stays true to the original. It features a gain knob, 48V phantom power, 20 dB pad switches as well as a seven-segment LED meter.

The EQ is an updated 550A module, featuring 7 instead of 5 frequencies per channel and a discrete balanced input stage. In all other respects, the module is identical to the original 1970’s EQ, known and loved for creating the ‘LA sound’.


The 225L compressor section brings in a newer design, featuring both feed-forward and feed-back compression selectable via the ‘New’ and ‘Old’ switch, respectively. Sonically, the ‘Old’ setting shares similarities with the Urei 1176 and Fairchild 660, where the effect of the compression is noticeably subtler, while the ‘New’ setting provides a modern style type of VCA compression. In addition, APIs proprietary knee selection circuitry allows for an even wider range of compression styles.

One of APIs special design features allows multiple 7600 to be inter-connected and/or used in conjunction with the 7800 Master Section to create an API Legacy inspired console or a portable tracking/mixing rack. In addition, the unit features a multitude of routing possibilities - for example, the Compressor can be routed Pre or Post EQ. What’s more, a Stereo Bus, 4 Track Busses and 4 Sends give the 7600 no less than 10 ‘bussable outputs, adding yet another layer of functionality to what is already a unique sounding, versatile unit. 

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