The Focusrite ISA 220 is a single-channel analog processor that includes a precision Mic preamp, flexible EQ section, Compression/Limiting, and a De-esser in one high-quality channel strip.

ISA 220 Session Pack provides all the audio precision tools required to infuse your session with Focusrite's renowned sonic performance. It features many of the original circuits of the flagship ISA 430 MKII Producer Pack, and also includes some new facilities of its own. It also features the same digital output option as the original ISA 430, providing you with a high quality digital route direct from the ISA 220 into your digital recording system.

The ISA 220 starts with the classic Focusrite transformer-coupled microphone pre amp, with phantom power and phase reverse. A four-band Focusrite EQ section follows, based on the EQ circuits featured in the ISA 430 and ISA 110. The compressor features a proprietary Class A VCA with side-chain circuitry, and can be placed in the signal flow before the EQ at the press of a button, if desired. Also included is a unique feature labelled "Blend", which provides a means of achieving smoother compression at extreme settings by mixing uncompressed source signal along with the compressed portion.

The ISA220 also features an opto-based de-esser which uses a combination of EQ and phase cancellation to create a smoother and less obtrusive result. Finally, a frequency adaptive, 3-band limiter is provided to ensure distortion-free limiting.

Number of Channels   Single

Inputs  1 x XLR Microphone

1 x XLR Line

1 x 1/4" TRS phone Instrument (rear panel)

1 x XLR External Signal

1 x 1/4" TRS phone Compressor Insert

Outputs           1 x XLR

Frequency Response   Not specified by manufacturer

Noise   Mic: EIN - 123dB with 150 ohm input resistance at 60dB of gain

Line: -96dBu


Gain Range     0dB to +60dB in 10dB steps

Maximum Output       +26dBu

Input Impedance         1.2k ohm

Phantom Power          +48V


Threshold Range         -28dB to +12dB

Ratio   1.5:1 to 10:1

Attack Time    500uS to 25mS

Release Time  100mS to 7S, variable or auto (program dependent)

Slope   Soft knee

Sidechain        Yes


Filter Type       Parametric, shelving, low- and high-pass

Frequency Bands        Parametric

LMF: 40Hz to 400Hz

LMF (x3 in): 120Hz to 1200Hz

HMF: 600Hz to 6kHz

HMF (x3 in): 1.8kHz to 18kHz

Filters (18dB/Octave, 3rd Order)

LPF: 400Hz-22kHz

HPF: 20Hz-1.6kHz


High and Low frequency shelving sections each with continuously variable boost/cut with centre detent, and a four position rotary switch for selection of rolloff frequency

Range (Boost/Cut)      +/-18dB

Light Indication          

Threshold Range         22dBu

Ratio   Infinite (brick wall)

Attack Time    Fast


Threshold Range         22dBu

Frequency Range        2.2kHz to 9.2kHz


Gate Threshold           Not applicable

Gate Rate       Not applicable


Dimensions (WxDxH)  19" x 9 7/8" x 3 1/2"

Weight            15.4 lbs

Specialties      "Blend" function in the compressor module. This allows the user to blend compressed signal with uncompressed signal, in the way that many producers do via the faders of an external mixing console

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