The RED 7 is a Channel Strip featuring Focusrite's classic Microphone Pre-amplifier with Dynamics. The unit employs the same superb mic pre-amp as the Red 1 and Red 8, with a dual-range mic gain pot that allows precise control across the full range of the device. Phantom power and phase reverse are also provided, while the Line input is electronically balanced, with continuously variable gain.

A high quality output fader offers +6dB gain to infinite attenuation, essential for direct recordings, or for accurate level matching after EQ and dynamics. The Focusrite RED 7 also features a full dynamics section, optimised for vocals. With its superb signal path, outstanding ease of use, and an integrated all-in-one design, it is a powerful tool for voice recording in all situations from music studios to post-production.

With a wide frequency range of 60 Hz - 15 kHz, the CD11 features the added convenience of an on-off switch for user control. The CD11 is designed with bass proximity and mid-range presence, resulting in a full bodied sound on small to mid-size PA systems.

The compressor design is taken straight from the Red 3, and as on that unit, is characterised by low noise and distortion even with heavy processing. Relatively heavy compression can be applied whilst retaining a transparent natural sound. Ratio, gain make-up, threshold, attack and release are all continuously variable, and a program dependent auto-release mode can be switched in. A swept high-pass filter allows effective treatment of problems such as rumble, bass lift and proximity effect.

The de-esser/exciter stage can be switched to provide frequency-selective compression (de-essing) or excitation. The amount and centre frequency of the processor are continuously variable, and as all the unit's dynamics still use the Focusrite single-VCA technique, unwanted colouration of the sound is kept to an absolute minimum. A clear VU meter shows level after the pre-amp gain control, or displays compressor gain change.

• Mic Input Gain: -6dB to +60dB in two variable ranges
• Mic Input Impedance: 1200Ù ±15%, balanced and floating
• Line Input Gain: -12dB to +12dB
• Line Input Impedance: 10kÙ ±15%, electronically balanced
• Input balance: > 60dB to 15kHz on both inputs
• Frequency Response: 10Hz to 140kHz (-3dB points), ±0.1dB within passband
• Noise: Better than -80dB below +4dBu output level, dynamics in
• Distortion: 0.006% (+10dBu @ 1kHz)
• Output: +24dBm into 600Ù
+26dBm into 10kÙ Balanced and floating

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