The Mindprint DTC (Dual Tube Channel) is a 3U dual-mono channel strip whose sonic imprint is inspired by units such as the Manley VoxBox, the Massive Passive, the 1176 compressor and the Apogee Rosetta.

The DTC is a 3RU, two-channel strip whose input section contains a mic preamp, a line input, and an instrument DI, featuring phantom power, a 20 dB pad, polarity reverse, and source selector switches. This is a very clean modern-sounding input section.

In the EQ section, all of the bands, as well as the high and low-cuts, are individually switchable in/out of the signal path-very handy. The EQ bands operate in parallel as opposed to one after another (serially). As such, because the bands don't affect each other, the EQ sounds very transparent.

The next signal stage is a stereo-linkable, opto-tube compressor-limiter built using good sounding circuit, and featuring a seemingly simple two-knob operation. The compressor section also features a "filter" switch, which cuts low end from the sidechain, decreasing "pumping" artifacts that normally could have been caused by low-end signal such as kick drum.

The DTC can benefit from digital I/O (up to 24-bit, 96 kHz) by using the optional DI-MOD interfaces.

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