The 8801 combines a classic Neve mic preamplifier and equalisation circuitry with an incredible 88R-style dynamics processor, contained in a single 19-inch rackmount unit.

Completely hand-built and hand-wired by Neve, this ground breaking Channel Strip delivers a front-end with all the quality and versatility that has become synonymous with the Neve name.

The 8801’s signal path consists of our extremely high-quality Neve mic preamp, high and low pass filters, four bands of highly musical equalization, a compressor, gate, dynamics side chain and an insert point. The order of the signal path can be easily modified as the producer requires.

The filter section and/or the equalization section can even be routed to the dynamics side chain to tailor the dynamics response of any input signal. An optional
Neve-designed analogue-to-digital converter accommodates all standard sample rates up to 192kHz, as well as direct-to-DSD conversion. In listening tests, many engineers and producers preferred the sound of these Neve-designed converters to standalone converters costing more than the entire 8801 unit.

Neve’s proprietary Recall software (Mac/PC-compatible) allows seamless integration with workstations, providing instantaneous recall of all external device settings. An essential tool for creativity, Recall combines the flexibility of a computer-based system with the power and sound quality of genuine Neve design. Quite simply, the 8801 is the most convenient way to give any serious studio the ultimate Neve analogue sound.

Mic input impedance 1.2kΩ
Mic Mic input headroom +26 dBu (reference 0dBu)
Mic input gain range 0 dB to 70 dB (using pad)
Line input impedance (balanced) > 20Ω
Line input headroom +26 dBu (reference 0dBu)
Line input gain range -24 dB to 24 dB
DI input impedance (balanced) >750kΩ
DI input headroom +20 dBu (reference 0 dBu)
DI input gain range -44 dB to +24 dB (using pad)
Line output impedance <50Ω
Main output Maximum output >+26 dBu into 600Ω
Frequency Response +/- 0.2 dB 10Hz to 20kHz
+/- 0.5 dB 10Hz to 40kHz
THD + N <0.005%
Line Output to Main Output, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, using a measurement window of 10 Hz to 80 kHz
Line Output to Main Output <-89 dBu
All audio blocks in circuit <-80 dBu

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