The SSL 4000 Channel Strip were originally found on the 4000 series consoles. These modules are revered for their sonic imprint, ease of use and versatility.

An SSL Channel Strip contains all of the essential tools for processing audio.

The channel strip has a preamp section for line or mic level signals which can also be driven hot for various harmonic effects. 

The EQ section offers 4 bands of semi-parametric operation with High and Low Cut available. However, this section will differ depending on the model of the console for which the channel strip was built - E & G series. Note that the E-series consoles used different EQ modules depending on the era in which it was produced. Therefore, the available EQs are the E series 'brown knob', in the earlier models; the 'black knob' E-series eq in the later models and; G-series EQ with variable Q setting.

The dynamics section features a compressor / limiter and expander / gate section - both extremely musical tools useful in a variety of applications. What's more, the dynamics section can be routed Pre or Post EQ, adding to the versatility of the SSL 4000 Channel Strips.

These channel strips are considered essential tools in modern music production, with their unmistakeable sound being heard on countless chart-topping records since the 1980s.

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