The SSL 9000 channel strips derive from the coveted 9000 series consoles of which there were two models produced - J and K. Both feature extensive improvements over previous designs, however, they are widely known for their SuperAnalogue signal path and the ability to switch between E and G-type EQ modules.

In 1994, SSL made a substantial update to their analog technology with the introduction of the 9000 J console. This implemented their new SuperAnalogue signal path, which utilised a capacitor-free design for extremely low distortion and incredible bandwidth – theoretically from as low as 5Hz up to as high as 500kHz. While these consoles don’t respond as well to being ‘pushed’ in the way the earlier models do, it provides unparalleled detail and sheen. Amongst other features, including 5.1 configuration and Total Recall as standard, these consoles came with both E and G-type EQs with the option to switch between.

The 9000 J and K series have been widely acclaimed for use in R&B, Classical and Pop genres. Wyclef Jean, formerly of the Fugees, has equipped his Platinum Sound studio with two control rooms, one with a J-series and the other boasting a K-series console.

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