The 5052 from TL Audio, is a dual channel processor with microphone, line and instrument inputs and features a compressor, four band equalizer and peak limiter on both channels. The compressor, equalizer and limiter stages can be operated in "dual mono" or "linked stereo" modes, making the unit equally powerful for both mono/stereo tracking and final stereo mix processing.

Part of the Ivory 2 Series, the unit is a hybrid valve signal processor, which utilize low noise solid state electronics in conjunction with classic valve circuitry to produce an audio processing unit that offers a high quality signal path with a unique tube audio character.


Microphone and line inputs are provided on electronically balanced XLR connectors and the line input is duplicated on an unbalanced 1/4" TS phone connector.
A solid state, electronically balanced input amplifier is used to achieve very low noise, low distortion and wide bandwidth performance. An ECC83/12AX7A triode valve stage, run from a stabilized 150v DC supply, is used as a second stage voltage amplifier to obtain the classic vacuum tube sound and gradual overdrive characteristics.
Phantom power and a 30dB pad are provided on the microphone preamp stage along with a switchable 90Hz high pass filter.
A front panel instrument input is provided, thus allowing guitars, basses and keyboards to feed directly into the unit, removing the need for a separate DI box.


Balanced and unbalanced line outputs are provided on XLR and 1/4" TS phone connectors that can be used simultaneously.


A pair of illuminated VU meters monitors the input level, output level, compressor gain reduction and limiter gain reduction for both channels.
A Drive LED gives a visual indication of the signal level through valve stages and thus the amount of "warming" taking place.
A Peak LED warns that clipping is about to occur, and this monitors the signal at key points in the audio path.


Offers variable control of threshold and ratio, attack and release times and a choice of soft or hard knee compression modes.
A "Hold" facility reduces LF distortion, and a side chain insert point is provided for frequency conscious compression.
A side chain insert point is provided for frequency conscious compression.
An independent gain make-up control is provided, to retain the subjective loudness of a compressed signal, plus an overall master output level control.
The output control has a nominal 0dB of gain at its centre, with up to 15dB of further gain available to achieve the high level required for some digital recorders.


Four band valve EQ with a triode valve stage in each filter and providing up to 15dB of cut or boost on each band.
The LF and HF bands provide swept frequency controls with a choice of shelving or peaking response.
The LM and HM bands are fully parametric with variable control of gain, frequency and bandwidth.
An "EQ PRE" switch places the EQ ahead of the compressor in the signal path, while the "EQ S/C" switch places the EQ entirely in the compressor sidechain circuit, for frequency conscious compression.

Peak Limiter

Located after the output level control with a high ratio and a fast attack time, making it ideal for prevention of overload in digital recorders.
A threshold control is provided, along with an LED indication of when the limiter threshold is exceeded.

Number of Channels 2
Inputs 2 x XLR Microphone
2 x XLR Line
2 x 1/4" TS phone Line
2 x 1/4" TS phone Instrument (front panel)
2 x 1/4" TRS phone Insert
2 x 1/4" TRS phone Return
Outputs 2 x XLR
2 x 1/4" TS phone
2 x 1/4" TRS phone Send
Frequency Response 10Hz to 40KHz, +0, -1dB
Noise Mic EIN: -127dBu with 150 Ω termination, 22Hz to 22kHz, 60dB gain
Gain Range +16dB to +60dB
Maximum Output +26dBu
Input Impedance Not specified by manufacturer
Phantom Power +48V (independantly selectable)
Threshold Range +10dBu to -20dBu
Ratio 1:1.5 to 1:30
Attack Time 0.4 mS to 40 mS (continuously variable)
Release Time 40 mS to 4 seconds (continuously variable)
Slope Hard / Soft Knee switch
Sidechain Yes
Filter Type High and Low Bands - Peak/Shelving
Mid-Hi and Mid-Lo - Fully parametric
Frequency Bands LF Band: 30Hz to 1kHz
LM Band: 50Hz to 1.5kHz
HM Band: 1kHz to 12kHz
HF Band: 3kHz to 20kHz
Bandwidth High and Low Bands - Q = 1.5
Mid-Hi and Mid-Lo - Q variable 0.7 to 7
Range (Boost/Cut) +/-15dB
Light Indication  
Threshold Range 0dBu to +20dBu
Ratio Hard limiting
Attack Time Not specified by manufacturer
Threshold Range Not applicable
Frequency Range Not applicable
Gate Threshold Not applicable
Gate Rate Not applicable
Dimensions (WxDxH) 19" x 10" x 5 1/4""
Weight 19.8 lbs
Specialties Independent selection of compressor, EQ and limiter for stereo operation.
All selected controls stereo ganged, channel 1 as master.

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