The Binson Echorec 2 is a vintage tape delay unit manufactured between 1961 and 1979. It was made famous by Pink Floyd's Gilmour and Wright who have used the unit to help define the band's classic sound in the 1970's.

Produced in Milan, Italy, the Binson’s had its peak in the 60’s. They were unique in their construction, utilizing a specially designed steel/alloy disc or drum, which carried a durable flat metal ‘tape’. The drum was driven by a powerful AC motor, in most cases, via a rubber jockey wheel, which kept the transport very stable. Record and playback heads were arranged around the drum periphery.

The Binson houses 6 12AX7 tubes. On the right side panel, there are jacks for three inputs and three outputs. On the left side panel, there’s a volt selector, input jack for the on/off footpedal switcher and a power outlet. The front panel has 6 control knobs, a 3-button channel selector and a level indicator.


Input Control
Controls the input from the instrument to the delay path. It is possible to overdrive the input tube to achieve an overdrive effect, which then can be controlled by a volume pedal to keep it manageable to the amplifier. There are also internal trimmer controls to further adjust the sensitivity of the input.

Length of Swell
Controls the feedback/number of repeats.

Controls the delay volume based on the Input Control setting.

An Equalizer colouring the delay signal. The effect is very subtle changing from darker to brighter.

The selector has three modes:
Echo – classic 50’s slap back delay
Repeat – standard delay mode
Swell – delay with overlaps, closer to a reverb

Selects different combinations between the playback heads.

Level Indicator
This “eye” in the middle of the unit, shows the level of the input signal.

Channel Selector
Selects the 3 inputs for each instrument. You can have two channels active at the same time with different outputs, – one with effect and one dry, both delayed or both dry.

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