The Echoplex EP-2 is a 1960s tube-based tape delay unit (released as a successor to the highly acclaimed EP-1) which added a combined instrument/echo volume-blend oscillator to its control panel, alongside the Echo Repeats knob. It also featured Sound-on-Sound recording, allowing 'infinite looping' for the tape’s duration - two minutes length.

Despite not becoming as famous as the EP-3, Maestro's Echoplex EP-2 is one of the most sought-after models. The unit uses vacuum tubes, which give the EP-2 its unmistakeable tone richness. The EP-2 (along with the original EP-1) is considered by many to be the best of the range due to its tubes, despite them being infamously difficult to service. Today, these units are extremely rare, however, their sonic qualities are second to none.

The EP-2’s sound is very thick and round; its tubes create a warm, rich tone – one of its many uses, as shared by Andy Summers of The Police is switch off the delay and use the Echoplex simply to thicken the tone of a guitar. By carefully adjusting the echo volume, one can let more of the original signal pass through the unit's circuitry which will thicken and round up the sound. Consequently, adding more repeats and spacing out the echoes creates a more esoteric vibe.

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