The Evans AE-205 is a vintage analog delay and reverb unit with a independent switches for engaging the two effects, built into a 2U rugged metal body.

You could certainly describe the sound of the AE 205 as warm and lively, but with the treble and bass controls for the repeats you can achieve a clarity and body the likes of which I have not heard on any other bucket brigade device (including the famously clear Aqua Puss). You can create a gorgeous 3-D atmosphere with the repeats that will not turn to mush or chirp out like other analog units tend to do when they reach self oscillation. Like all great vintage echo units, it is not just the delay that it provides, but an amazing preamp that that can either push the front end of your amp or goose the power tubes in an effects loop. You also have input and out put gain adjustments to fit into any musical scenario.

Sometimes nothing sounds better than a big, fat vintage rack unit and this is the most full frequency tape-less analog delay that I have ever heard. If you want the fat warmth of a vintage preamp, the clarity of a digital delay and the organic feel of a tape delay without all the maintenance of magnetism, this is your huckleberry. A peerless unit.

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