The Fulltone Tube Tape Echo is a modern delay effect that uses analog tape technology. Its designed is inspired by many of its classic predecessors including the revered Echoplex delay.

A real tube tape echo is a sublime thing indeed. There is simply nothing on earth that can replicate the increible 3-dimensional sound of one of these magic machines. Yes, they are big, bulky and require maintenace, but they sound simply gorgeous and impart a wonderful warm quality to your guitar tone.

The Fulltone Tube Tape Echo gives you a true tape echo sound in a compact design. It features ¼” connections for your input, two outputs, and a playback and echo off output as well. 

The Fulltone is the only tube tape echo currently in production. Is is based on the famed Echoplex(r) machines of old, and is fully servicable with new tape cartridges also available.

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