The SDD-3000 is a programmable digital delay introduced by Korg in the 1980s. It features up to 1032 milliseconds of delay, it could produce effects such as chorusing and flanging, an LFO to modulate the delay lines, as well as built-in memory holding nine different program locations.

The SDD-3000 is a programmable digital delay. It was designed to produce a number of effects including chorusing, flanging, doubling, reverb, doppler effects, infinite repeats, and so on. All control settings can be stored in nine different program locations and easily recalled via push buttons or footswitches. Specs and features include: up to 1032 milliseconds of delay, 30Hz to 17kHz frequency response; stereo capability; footswitch connections for program up and down, delay bypass, and hold modes; a feedback loop with 4-position high and lowpass filters; phase inversion of feedback loop and final loop; input and output facilities on the front and rear panel; triangle, square, and random waveforms from the LFO; external and envelope control of the VCO; and 3-position input and output attenuators.

Recently, Korg introduced the SDD 3000 Pedal - a faithful recreation of the original rack-mountable unit. The original unit was made famous by The Edge who has used the rack-mountable SDD 3000 since the mid 1980s. The new pedal rendition is endorsed by Dallas Schoo, U2's lead guitar technician.

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