The Lexicon PCM 42 is a high-performance digital delay line/processor released in 1982. It features up to 2.4 seconds of high quality audio delay, expandable to 4.8 seconds with optional memory. Delay times are indicated by a highly accurate numeric display, which provides rapid tracking of ALL changes in delay time.

The Lexicon PCM 42 includes versatile audio patching and remote control facilities, and a unique synchronizing clock feature that allows highly musical usage of the very long delays of which it is capable. Long repeat loops and layering effects which were formerly confined to the studio may now be used easily and reliably on stage.

The Lexicon PCM 42 provides superior audio performance through Lexicon’s proprietary method of analog-to-digital encoding. An increased sampling rate gives wider bandwidth without aliasing effects. In addition, a new “soft knee” limiting circuit eliminates the unpleasant distortion that most digital circuits generate when overloaded.

The Lexicon PCM 42’s excellent sonic quality, unique features, light weight, flexibility and ease of use make it the perfect choice either on stage or in the studio.

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