The Lexicon “Super Prime Time” series was a major advancement in digital audio equipment for its time. Released in the late 1980s, the line allowed the user to create, store and recall an unlimited variety of effects.

Prime Time II Model 95

This model features a dual output delay processor suitable for professional applications. The unit includes a complete onboard effects mixing facility, it offers delay times of up to 7.68 seconds, a versatile modulation section, a metronome / clock output and special features such as the Dynamic Recirculation Control.

Super Prime Time Model 97

This was the top of the line Lexicon delay processor. It features a programmable, dual output, 20 kHz delay processor, it includes all the features of the Model 95 except for the metronome / clock output. All front panel settings can be stored in memory and recalled with the push of a button. The Model 97 also included dump and load function audio tape (cassette or reel), allowing access to an unlimited number of repeatable effects. 

The Gear Rack

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