The Line 6 Echo Park is a versatile delay pedal inspired by the earlier Line 6 DL-4 delay modeler.

Based on the award-winning DL4 Delay Modeler, the Echo Park is loaded with unbelievable sounding models including Analog, Tape, and Digital Delay. Different delay patterns such as slap, ping pong, swell, and sweep can be adjusted with the twist of a knob, and the Mod dial can be tweaked for even more variations. Also features Tap Tempo and stereo ins and outs.

Tape - This gives you darker tone with each repeat just like a vintage tape-based echo. And you never have to change tapes!

Digital - This gives you straight up echoes, with crystal clear digital fidelity.

Analog - Designed to give you a vintage analog "bucket brigade" delay sound, with its classic warmth and warble.


Details on Time knob ranges:
Normal = 53ms to 2235ms
8th-note triplet = 18ms to 745ms
8th-note dotted = 40ms to 1676ms
Slap = 10ms to 150ms


Details on Tap Tempo ranges:
Normal = 40ms to 2500ms
8th-note triplet = 13ms to 833ms
8th-note dotted = 30ms to 1875ms
Slap = 10ms to 625ms


     Note about delay times:
All times are in Milliseconds.
1000ms = 1 second


Power Requirements
- Single 9-Volt Battery, or
- Line 6 DC-1G 9-Volt DC Power Supply (buy it now)


Size & Weight:
- Width 3.375"
- Depth 5.625"
- Height 2.875"
- Weight 2lbs 4oz

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