The Roland Space Echo RE-101 is a tape-based delay unit. The unit precedes the revered RE-201 to which it is similar in many respects, however, the RE-101 does not include a reverberation section, featuring only the tape delay element.

The Roland RE-101 Space Echo is truly a vintage piece of music technology with lots of appeal even today. It's not a synth, but a Tape-Echo machine for creating true analog echo effects. The RE-101 is a simple system in which a small loop of tape records an incoming signal and immediately plays the recorded sound back over a couple playback heads before being erased over by new incoming audio. A real analog system with warm, gritty and almost noiseless operation, the Space Echo can provide warm, unpredictable and highly tweakable echo effects.

There are 6 settings to adjust various tape loop speeds, number of repeats, levels, intensity, etc... It can even generate some of its own feedback loops. The RE-101 not only has vintage appeal but is still widely used to get those dubby, slightly unpredictable, musically analog echo effects. It's a definite must for the TripHop and dub genres. It has been used by Portishead, Underworld, Fatboy Slim, Dust Brothers, Jean Michel-Jarre, Mr. Oizo, Bob Marley, Vangelis, Sneaker Pimps, Future Sound of London, The Orb, KISS, Sublime, Luke Vibert, Radiohead, Lauryn Hill and Tomita.

The Space Echo series has been revised numerous times throughout the years - one such revision is the RE-150. The main differences in the RE-150 compared with the RE 101 are the following:

Two playback heads: According to this, the options of the rotary switch are different also, the first three ("repeat") options are: 1)first head 2)second head, 3)both heads. The three remaining ("single")options are the same but not affected by the Intensity control.

Two outputs: a direct and an echo only output. When only direct output is connected, it gives out dry+echo signal. When both are connected, the direct output gives only the dry signal, the echo only the echo signal, offering this way more options for channeling the signals.

4 Inputs / 1 Output

6 Control Knobs

3 Control Switches

6-way Mode Selector

Level Meter

Erasing, Recording, Playback Heads

Input Impedance Over 100kOhms

Input Level -24dBm

Output H -15dBm; M -23dBm; L -35dBm

Load impedance Over 10kOhms

Power Consumption 15W


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