The TC Electronic 2290 is a classic Digital Delay and Multi Effects Processor made popular by its intricate combination of delay lines with effects such as chorus, flangers, phasers, compressors, expanders, panners, duckers and effect looping capabilities.

The TC 2290 features a large number of dynamic echo effects allowing you to add musical echos as well as a variety of delay modulations to your tracks. The stereo panning facilities create new ways of using the stereo image dynamically. In addition, the modulation effects can be made simultaneously to create effects like a 'dynamic echo chorus with stereo panning'.

The 100dB dynamic range over the 20 Hz to 23 kHz range with a soft roll off frequency response and a 1 mHz samplerate give the unit a characteristic sound. 

Acclaimed as the Industry Standard Digital Delay, the TC 2290 is to be found in recording studios, PA rigs and guitarists FX racks the world over. The TC 2290 combines unique operational features and superior sound quality, allowing you a greater degree of musical creativity in the use of effects.

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