The Yamaha E1010 is a Classic Analog Delay introduced in 1978 used extensively in recording studios. It has a maximum delay time of 300ms, bass and treble control, as well as modulation options. The unit has a distinctively rich and warm analog sound.

Released in 1978 (Though our owners manual says March 1979.), this is the big brother to the E1005. With a max delay of 300ms, some easy switch buttons for general delay times (10ms, 75ms, 150ms, 225ms, 300ms), bass and treble tone control, and mod speed and depth, this is a rich warm delay and versatile chorus delay. Plus some killer flanging with those tight delays.

Feedback will go into sonic destruction mode, so dub and loop artists have snagged this one in a big way. Inputs on the front and back and a separate direct out make this a solid piece for stage or studio. It's been described as one of the cleanest analog delays and also one of the worst sounding.

There's noise for sure, but when you get the gains and input/output just right, it's fairly quiet. Noise or not, the sound is just sweet. Warm and flexible. The "Analog Delay" style on EchoBoy is closest, but requires some tweaking for the different flavors the E1010 can produce. It gets a dark brooding delay, with the odd mid range resonant honk of the old Oil can delays (though not the same sound).

Used by: Randy Rhoads with Ozzy Osbourne Mark King of Level 42 on Bass. Rush's Geddy Lee used one on his Mini Moog, and Alex Lifeson on his guitar rig, too Flaming Lips producer Dave Fridmann has one in his giant rack-o-gear. John Mcgeoch: Guitarist for Magazine, Generation X, Visage, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Peter Murphy, Armoury Show, PIL James Burton: Rockabilly legend. Steve Byrd: Guitarist for Kim Wilde. 

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