The Metal Muff from Electro-Harmonics is a metal distortion pedal with top boost. The Metal Muff utilizes three EQ bands, including a mid-range control designed for contouring and creating beautifully sculpted mids. The unit offers commanding bass and defined high-end coupled with a wide spectrum of user-controlled distortion.

With the Distortion knob pulled all the way down, the pedal adds some serious character to your sound. Attenuating the Mid control with the gain all the down really lets you dial in some great classic rock tones. For a so-called “metal” distortion pedal, the Metal Muff with Top Boost surprises with great flexibility for crafting a wide range of distorted tones.

Once you push the Distortion knob up to around 9 ‘o clock, the beast is unleashed. The Metal Muff delivers a serious punch. Busting out some palm-muted riffs reveals a tight bottom-end chunk that’s perfect for your most brutal riffage.

Even at lower gain settings pinch harmonics practically fly off your fretboard. Push the Distortion up to noon and this pedal kicks it up even higher while still remaining tight and focused.

The EQ controls are masterfully tailored to give you precise control over shaping your tone. You can really tell Electro Harmonix set out to craft a truly cutting edge metal distortion pedal that serves up any metal tone you’re looking for.

The TOP BOOST function adds even more versatility. Engaging it will take your leads over the top with an absolutely searing tone that rips through the mix. Use with caution! You can can even cut the Treble down and use the unique character of the Top Boost knob to shape the high end of your rhythm sound. This pedal really impresses with the incredibly wide range of great distortion tones that are to be found within.


  • High input impedance buffered bypass
  • Output volume and master drive controls
  • Six controls: 
  • Distortion: adjusts input gain 
  • Bass: provides up to 14dB of cut and boost in the bass frequency range 
  • Mid: provides up to 15dB of cut and boost in the middle frequency range
  • Treble: provides up to 10dB of cut and boost in the treble frequency range
  • Top Boost: provides extra 'bite' by boosting a narrow band of high frequencies
  • Volume: sets the output level
  • Foot-switchable Top Boost with separate control knob

Impedance Input: 1 MOhms 
Output: 600 ohms
Indicators and Controls 1 x Knob: Distortion
1 x Knob: Bass
1 x Knob: Mid
1 x Knob: Treble
1 x Knob: Top Boost
1 x Knob: Volume
1 x Footswitch with LED: Top Boost
1 x Footswitch with LED: Bypass
Connectors 1/4" phone jack, audio input
1/4" phone jack, audio output
Power Options 9 V battery, included
200 mA @ 9.6 VDC, optional
Dimensions 4.75 x 5.75 x 2.50" (146 x 121 x 64 mm)

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