The Lovetone Cheese Source is a dual-effect pedal combining the best of the company's classic offerings - the Big Cheese (overdrive) and Brown Source (fuzz) effect pedals - in a single unit. The two sections, Cheese and Source, can be used separately for their intended purposes.

Source - Overdrive

This section provides the preamp stage of the pedal and can masterfully colour up the sound by thickening it up. It is a rather subtle effect which goes a long way in terms of achieving a very usable sound to be further processed by the Cheese section or indeed straight through the amp.

Cheese - Fuzz 

Cheese is responsible for the fuzz box distortion - it has a very thick and powerfull in-your-face sound. The effect is anything but subtle, as opposed to the overdrive section and, in many ways, it can be seen as less versatile in terms of tone generation.


Both sections include controls for Drive, Tone, and Volume along with a 3-way switch further altering the tone contour. Being inspired by the Big Cheese and Brown Source pedals, the Source Cheese boasts the same unmistakeable sound Lovetone has been praised for,

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