The B:Assmaster Silicone Overdrive is anything but your regular distortion pedal. Built by Malekko, it is inspired by the highly sought after Maestro Bass Brassmaster, a '70s-era pedal that was intended to impart trumpet-like tones onto electric guitar or bass. The B:Assmaster accurately replicates the wide variety of tones its predecessor was capable of achieving.

The Malekko B:Assmaster Silicone Overdrive is a distortion pedal whose tonal possibilities range from slightly overdriven to completely a crushed, rock-solid sound. With just three knobs and two switches, this box really does give up a huge palette of sounds just like its ancestor, the Maestro Bass Brassmaster.

The 'Ass Volume' knob and 'Ass' switch control the level and tone of distortion.

The 'Bass Volume' knob adjusts the level of dry signal to be mixed in. This dry signal passed through the unit is a bit more compressed and harmonically rich, all done in a subtle yet very effective way.

The 'Harm' switch and 'Sensitivity' knob adjust the harmonic shape and depth of distortion. The widest range of tones is achieved by tweaking these two controls.

Overall, the B:Assmaster pedal offers a wide range of creative possibilities for bassists, guitarist and synthesists alike. What's more, the pedal can be used creatively with virtually any source.


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