The T-Fuzz by Italian manufacturer T-Pedals is a fuzz distortion pedal featuring two distortion curves - full fuzz and '70s midrange distortion - both achieved through the use of Germanium transistors.

Before overdrives, before "Turbo", "Valve" or "Tube" distortion units... there were fuzz pedals. Fuzz pedals made rock history.

The T-Fuzz is the perfect match between a transparent overdrive and a dynamic fuzz. Its wide range gain control delivers everything from clean boost, to crunch, to sustained fuzz.

The T-Fuzz's distortion doesn't cover the guitar's sound but it developes its character. Thanks to its great dynamics it's possible to go from really distorted to a crystal clean sound by lightening the touch or slightly closing the guitar's volume.

Two selectable distortions: frequency balanced fuzz or midrange heavy distortion.

Incredible presence and sound liveliness, huge volume output.

  • Two selectable distortions: full fuzz or mid-boosted 70's distortion
  • Tone control bypass switch
  • Jacks Switchcraft made in USA
  • Alpha full size potentiometers
  • Silent true bypass switching
  • Wood base with metal shielding and skidproof rubber feets
  • 9 volt battery or external "Boss style" power supply
  • Bright red led indicator
  • High quality glossy painted in silver or black
  • Germanium transistors (no IC) circuit
  • Point-to-point construction, 100% made in Italy

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