The Z.Vex Fuzz Factory is a traditional fuzz effect circuit featured New old stock Germanium Transistors.

The basis for the Fuzz Factory is a traditional fuzz effect circuit using New old stock Germanium Transistors, as used on the Fuzz Face, the seminal device used by Jimi Hendrix and many others during the late 1960s/early 1970s. The Fuzz Factory innovates by use of internal feedback loops and component-level bias adjustments to achieve unprecedented control, or deliberate lack thereof, of the distorted signal. Designed by electronic trial-and-error, closely tied to circuit bending, the controls of the Fuzz Factory are highly interactive, and represent a wide spectrum of tonal ability, often extending into self-oscillation and noise. Many musicians find the promise of near-infinite new sounds and textures inherent to the device to be inspiring to their music, and the Fuzz Factory has a well-known following among professional guitarists.

The Factory has 5 knobs, 2 of which are only suggestions of what parameter(s) they actually control. From left to right:

"Volume" (output level)
"Gate" (transistor bias)
"Compression" (transistor bias)
"Drive" (input level)
"Stability" (supply voltage)

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