The Elektron Analog Rytm packs a lot into an 8-Voice analog drum machine; sporting a huge drum sound library, incredible sample playback and outstanding control - there aren’t many limitations to Analog Rytm's creative possibilities. Elektron are known for their rich and deep analog drum sounds, although with a vast array of effects, filters and a built in sequencer, the Analog Rytm is in a class of its own.

Analog Rytm is a long-developed drum machine and synthesizer from Swedish manufacturer, Elektron. By incoportating an eight-voice hybrid analog/digital sound engine, the Analog Rytm facilitates digital noise, envelopes and LFO, which are combined with a 13-track sequencer. Each track (excluding effects) has pressure-sensitive touch pads that can contain one of nine ‘machines’, which refers to self-contained synthesizer engines that are dedicated to particular types of drum sounds and samples.

The Analog Rytm’s analog sound produces depth in kick drums, bite to snares,resonating toms andshimmering hi-hats. All of these sounds can be fine-tuned to liking and are pliable with many production projects and stylesProviding even more creative versatility, samples (factory or user-set) can be layered on top of the analog drum sounds to produce more unique beats and loops.Beats can be tailored to be smooth, rough and also very realistic.

Scene mode on the Analog Rytmprovides incredible parameter control over the analog circuits withits ultra-fast digital control. Each Scene has a set of parameter settings that can be assigned to the performance pads, allowing change to multiple parameters simultaneously for easy composition

The Analog Rytm has a flexible Operating System (OS) architecture, which allows further ‘machines’/modes to be added and modified. ‘Machines’ can be dedicated to low toms, mid and high toms each of which use a single oscillator.Open and closed hats, cymbals (ride/crash) and cowbells and other metallic based sounds use six-oscillator machines.

The Elektron Analog Rytm is a quality ‘best of both worlds’ machine with seemingly endless sequencing abilities, providing both deep and dirty sounds and natural organic tones thanks to its analog drum engines, sample capacity, multi-mode filters and send/master FX.


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