The Elektron Monomachine is a multiple synthesis machine and percussive toolbox boasting six monophonic synthesizers, internal sequencers and external sequencers with a choice of audio effects, filters and processing – a truly unique machine.

The Monomachine is a synthesizer and sequencer produced by Swedish company, ElektronTwo models were originally released: the SFX-60 (2004) is a desktop sound module and the SFX-6 (2003) includes a 3-octave (37 note) keyboard and joystick controller with the module. Two later revisionsSFX-60 MKII and SFX-60+ MKII, excluded the keyboard and joystick and controller. All units feature six unbalanced audio outputs, two audio inputs and three MIDI inputs. 

The Monomachine significantly differs from other synthesizers in its sonic flexibility, impressively offering five synthesis modes and a variety of effects that can be applied to both internally generated voices and external audio inputs.

The Monomachine’s sequencer provides six programmable tracks that can be performed in real-time or through a step input method, similar classic Roland drum machines and sequenced synths. A pattern-based design provides an ideal platform for creating of looping riffs and basslines, defaulting to 16 steps in length but can be set freely between 2 - 64 steps

As well as SID, FM+ and VOsynthesis, the ElektronMonomachine includes its own unique DigiPro and Superwave modes, each with their own sub modes and extended capabilities.DigiPro offers 32 raw 12-bit digital waveforms includingWave and aBeat Box drum machine with percussion samples. TheDoubledraw waveform-blending oscillator is present in MKII revisions, with these also providing a higher signal-to-noise ratio.

The effects component of the Monomachine offer Gate Space reverb, a characteristic reverb taken from the ElektronMachinedrum; 2 x 3-tap stereo Chorus; Dynamix compressor limiter; and ‘Thru’ processing for for external signal and track processing for standard effects such as filters, delays and distortion. 

The Monomachine was created to be a synthesizer free from regular conformities and focuses on spurring creativity with technological freedom to inspire new and unique music concepts. These nifty devices are great for doing just that, and provide complex and limitless uses for melodic and percussive synthesis and composition.

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