The MFB Schlagzwerg is a semi-modular drum-machine and step sequencer, featuring true analogue sound sources and an integrated stereo-mixer with panning.

The Schlagzwerg combines the power of analogue drum and percussion sounds with modular versatility in a convenient and compact desktop unit. It combines cv-controllable percussion modules and a six-track cv/gate-sequencer into a unique drum-machine for live and studio applications.

Thanks to its semi-modular concept, the Schlagzwerg is ready to go without any need for patch-connections. its internal pre-wiring comprises trigger-assignments for the gate-tracks of five (of six) drum-sounds as well as hihat decay-control. the additional cv-tracks can freely be patched to any of the modules’ functions. naturally, the available cv-inputs can also be addressed by external control sources like lfos, envelope generators or a theremin-controller.

The individual drum-sounds derive from our mfb’s drum-sound-modules. trigger inputs are level-sensitive and allow dynamic performance thru drum-pads, piezo-pickups or microphones. all drums offer cv-inputs for different parameters. in difference to our modules, the different drum-sounds do not need attenuators because the sequencer allows for scalable cv-output.

The bass-drum offers the powerful sound mfb’s mfb-503 drum-machine respectively our drum-04 module. it offers a wide variety of possible kick-sounds due to its parameter-set with attack, tune, decay, pitch and drive.

The snare-drum is also based upon the mfb-503, respectively our drum-05 module. snap, decay, tune and pitch parameters allow for broad sound-variations.

The tom-sound derives from the mfb-503 respectively our drum-06 module. here, pitch and panorama-position can be coupled to achieve the classic pan-spread sound of hi-, mid- and lo-toms.

Hihat and Cymbals derive from our mfb-522 drum-machine, respectively drum-07 module. the sounds are based upon a six-oscillator-mix. cymbal, open and closed hihat can be triggered separately. in addition, the decay of the cymbal- and open-hihat-sounds is under cv-control.

All drum-sounds are routed into the internal mixer with adjustable panning and stereo outputs. alternatively, the sound modules also offer individual outputs.

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