Having trouble finding the right 808 samples in your library? Why not use the real thing! Send your programmed MIDI tracks to be processed through classic drum machines.

Drum machines have been a part of modern music production for decades! They have shaped the sound of countless genres and are continuing to do so today. Have you ever wondered why there are so many 808 sample packs available? Use the sound of a vintage drum machine in your production.

Drum machines usually consist of sample banks and a step sequencer. Depending on the genre of your song, you may wish to chose a specific machine to fit your need - are you unsure what the difference between an 808 and a 909 is? Ask our professional producers and find the right tool for the job.

Most modern drum machines have MIDI capabilities built-in. However, even some vintage models have been retrofitted to accept MIDI signals. Run your MIDI through some of the world's most revered drum machines available.

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