The HM2 Nail from A-Designs is a solid state/tube hybrid, dual-channel compressor/limiter with advanced circuitry for infinite sound-shaping possibilities and well suited for tracking, mixing, and mastering.

The musically transparent compressor utilizes hand-selected tubes and top-grade components specifically chosen to compliment and enrich the extended bandwidth. The HM2 can add character to any signal from gentle, subtle background compression to full-on squashing, and anything in-between.

Three circuits work in tandem to provide the unique control over the compressor's settings. Threshold allows precise control over the amount of compression, while the Hard Threshold sets the level at which it engages. The Filter works as a built-in frequency-dependent side-chain circuit that prevents the compressor from overreacting to bass-heavy content. The Attack and Release settings are also dependent on the Hard Threshold and respond dynamically to program material, allowing for more flexible and musical results. The Mix knob provides continuously variable control between the direct (dry) and compressed signals, enabling parallel compression without the need for busing or using auxiliary tracks.

Additional features include an In/Out toggle for A/B comparisons, a Stereo Link On/Off toggle, and LED dual-ladder indicator switchable from level to gain reduction. The enclosure features a retro-modern look with a black, custom-milled faceplate and brushed aluminum knobs, a heavy-duty Carling toggle power switch, and a large red jewel power indicator.

Function Compressor
Number of Channels 2
Inputs 2x balanced XLR
Outputs 2x balanced XLR
Clipping Level +20 dBu
Compression Ratio Variable Ratio: Self adjusting
Filter Off, 8 to 250 Hz
Mix Controller Variable Mix (Direct/Compression): Complete bypass to complete compression
Frequency Response 3 Hz to 50 kHz
Noise -89 dBu
Power 120/230 VAC, 23 W

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