The Dynax 2 is a dual-channel opto compressor/limiter based on very low distortion circuits, capable of producing very subtle and extreme dynamic processing with a characteristic warmth usually associated with analog equipment.

The circuitry design of the Dynax 2 is totally based on discrete analog technology and is a completely new development providing openness and clarity which can hardly be found with most other compressors. Every part of the signal processing is based on high grade selected Op-amps, using different solutions like DC servo and particular transformer driving circuitry and linear power supply in order to avoid switching PSU artifacts. All components are of the highest grade available and exclusively chosen according to their sonic excellence. Last but not least, the output transformers of incredible quality made by SOWTER in the UK.

Dynax 2 has a feed forward design, it's probably the fastest Opto Compresor/limiter you ever tried, capable of offering extreme over-compression or pumping effects. Very easy to set, choose the Ratio, choose attack & release and add compression, you're ready to go! The proprietary Antidyna mode is a very one of the kind effect as it compresses only mid level signals, lowering the highest and lowest ones. You'll love this effect for parallel compression or sound design.

An oversized power transformer, conductive plastic potentiometers, internal temperature stabilizers for critical components as well as special current feedback amplifiers are part of the technical finesse. The combination of these elements results in a pristine signal quality and guarantees clean and powerful sound characteristics, even when extreme settings are used.

• Stereo Optical Compressor with 4 compression rates: 4:1, 10:1 Infinite:1 & the proprietary AntiDyna mode (creative mode)
• Extremely large time constant ranges
• Bass Drive or compression Sidechain filters 100Hz, 200Hz & 300Hz
• Sidechain Input
• Control through an external input signal, left channel signal or the stereo signal (sum of L/R channels)
• Hardware Bypass by relay, let compare the original and the processed signal in an absolute way
• Bandwidth:10Hz / 30 kHz at +/- 0,1dB
• Bandwidth 10Hz / 65 kHz at +/- 1 dB
• Bandwidth with a gain reduction of 10dB: 40Hz / 40 kHz at +/- 1dB
• Harmonic distortion of 3rd order at 1 kHz, +4dBu: 0,005%
• Harmonic distortion of 3rd order at 1 kHz, +4dBu, with a gain reduction of 10dB 0,02% (time constantes median settings)
• Output transformers by SOWTER (UK)
• 100% hand built with high-end selected components
• Designed by Olivier Bolling
• Compatible with 110/230 Volts 50/60Hz.

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