Designed and built by Rupert Neve, the Amek 9098 Dual Compressor/Limiter is the unit from the classic 9098i console.

The Amek 9098 Dual C/L builds on the classic Neve 2254 design by adding a variety of extra features such as the ambience switch which outputs the difference between the compressed and uncompressed signal - an extremely useful feature for reducing the background noise on a microphone recording, for example.

In use, the 9098 produces dark yet interesting shades of compression. It tends to work best when used in moderation with low ratios and can be characterised as a 'slow-sounding' unit. The Amek 9098 Dual C/L provides another color to an engineers palette.

Description stereo/dual mono
Principle solid state
Metering VU
Connections XLR
Controls threshold, ratio, attack, in, hard knee, ouput gain, release, ambience, sidechain in
Performance noise 150 R source, 22Hz – 22kHz filter
freq resp 20 Hz – 20kHz
Dimensions 2U x 19″

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