Based on the original Fairchild 670, the Analogue Tube AT-101 is a faithful recreation of its predecessor using modern grade components which add stability and ease of use while promoting the same luxurious sound of the Fairchild.

The AT-101 is a brilliant rendition of the original Fiarchild 670 stereo limiter. The units are hand-assembled using professional grade modern components such as the new generation 6386 tubes.

Similarly to the original Farichild, the AT-101 produces a smooth sound which brings out detail in a track while also adding warmth, depth, dimension and clarity. On the mix bus, the AT-101 glues the stereo image together infusing a 'finished' quality to a production.

Amongst its many users, Cenzo Townshend (U2, Florence + the Machine, Sundara Karma) uses his AT-101 on most of his mixes.

  • Original 1db per step ‘T’ Attenuators (21 step total)
  • Original complement of tubes
  • Fully transformer balanced audio path
  • Newly developed 6386 Triode tubes
  • Visual temperature indication
  • 5 &12 Watt Non-Inductive Wire-Wound resistors throughout Audio Path
  • Original Non-Inductive Pots throughout
  • Original Anode supply
  • Original CVT heater supply
  • Hovland Musicap Polypropylene film capacitors throughout 
  • Silver Mica capacitors
  • All Teflon ‘Point to Point’ wiring throughout
  • Ceramic Tube sockets throughout 
  • Stereo Link switch fitted
  • Over temperature electronics
  • Simpson Electric metering
  • Top and bottom panel torque hinges
  • Original front panel
  • New Chassis Design 
  • Large Knobs
  • XLR Chassis mounting connectors 
  • Specially made Sowter audio transformers throughout

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