THe Anthony DeMaria Labs 1000 (mono) / 1500 (stereo) series is an all-tube compressor with extended dynamic range and a clear, punchy and warm sound. The unit uses an optical attenuator and is based on the revered LA-2A unit.

Starting as they mean to continue Anthony DeMaria Labs built the CL 1000 to faithfully re-create the sound, performance and operation of the original 1950's template, the LA-2A compressor.

Lovingly hand-built with the care and attention to detail that are the hallmark of products from Anthony Demaria Labs, the C/L 1000 gives you the warmth of an all-valve design, whether you use it as part of the compression or to add the tone to your sound - plus you get the transparency and over-easy operation that has made the CL 1000 so popular when recording, particularly for vocals.

The originals are now hard to find and often difficult to maintain and repair, so with the ADL CL 1000 you have one of the best compressors ever made, being produced by one of the best manufacturers.

ADL 1500


Frequency Response
15Hz-30kHz ± 0.5 dB
@+4 + 0.75% @+20 + 0.18%
-80 dB
Input/Output Impedance
600 Ohm Balanced XLR
Gain Reduction
40 dB
40 dB ± 1 dB
Attack Time
10 uSec.
Release Time
~0.07s. for 50% Release, 0.5s - 4s for 100% Release
Panel Size
Standard Two Rack Space (2U)
Panel Controls
Gain Reduction/Output +4 Switch, Stereo Link, Gain, Peak Reduction & Power
117 (Standard), 240 (Available on Request)
100-120-V FUSE
1/2-A S/B 5x20mm
220-240-V FUSE
1/4-A S/B 5x20mm
Tube Complement
(2) 12AX7A, (1) 12BH7A, (1) 6AQ5A

The Gear Rack

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