The API 2500 is a stereo compressor, highly regarded for delivering a lively tone and authoritative low-end punch. A certified studio classic, the 2500 shines over stereo mixes and drum buses with a pronounced mid-range and powerful bass response.

The API 2500 is a modern stereo compressor that embodies the signature API sound, which is recognisable throughout their long history as an industry heavyweight. It has a clean, polished sound, inherent in its VCA design and presents mid-range frequencies beautifully. In addition to discreet control over standard compression parameters, it has two unique features that allow it to behave unlike any other commercially available device.

The patented Thrust® circuit is an elaboration on the concept of sidechain equalization (EQ), placing a filter in front of the detector circuit to alter the frequency sensitivity of the compressor’s activity without affecting the spectral content of the source material. The slope of this filter is unique to the 2500 and allows the compressor to preserve more low-end energy. This results in a balanced and not overly compressed sound, and emphasizes the ‘punch’ in bass frequencies.

The LINK function of the 2500 enables the compressor to minimise the interaction between channels by various degrees while they are still linked. This feature utilizes selectable filters in the LINK circuit only, enabling high and low frequency peaks on one side (channel) to have less effect on the compressors reduction or reaction to the other side. This produces and preserves a better stereo image.

The 2500 is a complex beast that is capable of far more than the average compressor. While it can be difficult to master, the range of what it offers makes it an incredibly powerful studio tool.

API 2520 Op Amp

Variable threshold between -20dBu and +10dBu

Selectable ratio, attack and release times

Patented THRUST® selectable high-pass filter before RMS detector

Variable link between left and right channels

Old "feed back" or new "feed forward" compression

Soft, medium or hard knee for easy to sharp compression

Auto or manual gain make up

1/4" balanced side chain inputs

Output clips at +28dBu

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