The Audient Black Comp is a transformer-balanced optical compressor module for Black Series BR-10 rack.

The Black Comp by Audient is a Class-A transformer-balanced optical compressor and limiter. The Overcomp function allows a large amount of pre-compression to be added to the signal, with some stunning results possible where an increase in the energy of the signal is desired. The compressor's Smooth function switches the side-chain characteristic into a dual mode where a relatively slow RMS-sensing circuit allows a gentle leveling of the signal while a peak-sensing stage pulls down any peaks that pass through. Gain reduction or output level can be monitored via the VU meter at the top of the module and a link mode allows 2 or more Black Comp modules to form a stereo or multi channel compressor and limiter.

Discrete Class-A circuitry opto-compressor
Transformer-balanced input
VU meter switched between gain reduction and output level
Switched Ratio, Attack and Release controls
Auto-release function
Overcomp field electron transfer (FET)-based compression circuit for over-compression feature
Smooth switches to dual-time constant mode for overall mix bus compression
Link, to link modules for multi channel use

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