The AGB Compressor from Black Lion Audio is a two-channel diode compressor and limiter designed to pay homage to the Neve 33609 with its versatility and low-noise characteristics.

The AGB can provide warm and subtle compression on vocals, but also can be dialed in for fast attacks on your drum bus or snare. It features a fully-balanced, opamp-based circuit with rotary potentiometers and transformers on the input and output stages. Whatever you use it on, the AGB Compressor will provide you with invisible compression or limiting without raising the noise floor.

The AGB Compressor features two-channels of quick, responsive, and low-noise compression and limiting. It is designed to deliver the same versatile and warm results that made the Neve 33609 famous, but with updated features such as more control and a balanced signal path.

The AGB can provide both smooth and easy compression for amazing vocals, but also insanely fast for cracking snares and drums. No matter what the AGB is being used for, the noise floor always remains extremely low. Like the Neve 33609, the AGB features input, interstage, and output transformers to deliver the same low-noise compression, even when it's being pushed.

Compressor Threshold: -20 to about +10dB 
Ratio: 1.5:1 to 6:1 
Release: 100ms to 1.5 seconds. 
Slow Attack: Standard setting is fastest and is designed to catch transient spikes.
Limiter Threshold: +4 to +15dB 
Release: 50 to 600ms 
Other Functions: Fast Attack, Limit In, Stereo Link, Makeup Gain, and Gain Reduction Meters

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