The Chandler TG1 is a stereo compressor/limiter based on the TG12413 limiter found in Abbey Road’s 1960s EMI consoles. It imparts the color, tone, vibe and warmth associated with classic recordings from Abbey Road Studios.

The original concept of the TG12413was for EMI to offer something similar to the infamous Fairchild 660/670 compressors, which was a favourite of Abbey Road’s engineers in the 1960s. While sharing some characteristics with the unit that inspired it, the12413(and subsequently TG1 has a whole other sound of its ownwarm, thick and rich with a smoothness around the edges even when being pushed tohard levels.

While having a consistent sonic imprint across all settings, the TG1is capable of a broad spectrum of compression sounds. Itssix-position recovery knob switches between pre-selected release times that allow the compressor to react in varying shades of aggression or smoothness – from engorging room mics on a drum kit to gently holding together a mix. This control is affected by the compress/limit switch, whichchanges the sound characteristics from relaxed and subtle to ‘grabby’ and exciting by increasing the Attack and Ratio, as well as varying the recovery times.

Modern TG1 also includes a limit/Total Harmonic Distortion switch, which (in the THD mode) removes the gain reduction element whilst stillallowing signals to pass through all other circuitry, effectively turning the unit into a harmonic distortion generator.

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