The Dave Hill Designs Titan is a Compressor/Limiter with Discrete Class a Design, Stepped Controls, Parallel Mix Function, Crossfader, and Dynamic Color Control.

Dave Hill Designs' Titan is a hardware compressor-limiter that does a superb job of transparently controlling dynamic range, but also gives you a broad palette of tasty coloration options. A digitally controlled analog feedback compressor with two types of VCAs (plus a crossfade), Titan equips your studio with a huge spectrum of color and control choices. Use the crossfade to blend between squeaky-clean or ultra-coloration. Titan's stepped controls and color LCD display let you easily recall your settings from previous sessions. If a definitive hardware compressor (with serious coloration mojo) is on your studio must-have list, Dave Hill Designs' Titan certainly deserves your consideration.

Dave Hill Designs' Titan gives you all the controls you'd expect in a high-end hardware compressor, but there are also controls onboard you won't find on any other compressor! VCA Color lets you dial between a very clean pulse-width modulation gain control device and a vintage gain control element, letting you precisely dial in the amount of "character" in your signal.

Titan's Parallel Mix function serves up parallel compression, letting you blend between your unprocessed and compressed audio. Titan's cross fade-mix control gives you 16 steps, for a broad range of choices. Dave Hill Designs has smartly included parallel processing - which has become exceedingly popular - as a powerful method of shaping your signal.

Titan's Dynamic Color feature generates harmonic content of an opposite nature to that served up by vintage gain control, imparting meaty mass to the signal. With 16 steps giving you a wide range of sonic control, you can think of Dynamic Color as your "Big" control. Working along similar lines, Titan's Fat/Air switch lets you further enhance your sound with palpable girth - or a delicate sense of space. Boasting stunning sonics, weapons-grade build quality and boatloads of control, Dave Hill Designs' Titan is an amazing value in a top-shelf studio hardware compressor-limiter. You sound own one.

Number of Channels 1
Controls Threshold, Attack, Release, Shape, Gain, VCA Color, Parallel Mix, Dynamic Color
Threshold 100 Steps
Ratio 1:1 to 10:1
Frequency Response 3Hz-175kHz
Inputs 1 x XLR
Outputs 1 x XLR
Rack Spaces 1U
Height 1.75"
Depth 8.625"
Width 19"
Weight 15 lbs. (Shipping Weight)
Manufacturer Part Number Titan

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