The 160SL from dbx is a dual mono/stereo compressor/limiter that strives for excellence not only in performance, but also in construction and ships with the 704X digital output card installed. It features dual proprietary V8 VCA modules that deliver 127dB of dynamic range with ultra-low distortion.

The unit features Auto, AutoVelocity and full manual mode for setting up the processor. This allows the user to set maximum preferred settings in manual mode and let the 160SLPLUS do the rest, depending on the program material. In addition to having the auto attack and release mode, the compressor retains the hard knee threshold characteristics of the classic dbx 160.

The compressor has a machined 1/4" aircraft aluminum front panel, handcrafted solid aluminum knobs, LEDs mounted individually in machined stainless steel housings, custom VU meters with peak indicators and is housed in a heavy gauge chassis. Additionally, the electronics of the unit take full advantage of today's technologically superior components and deliver a sonically advanced processor.

The included 704X digital output card uses dbx's TYPE IV Conversion System to convert the analog signals to digital in a way that preserves the analog warmth of the original, yet gives the clarity and precision offered by the digital domain.

The system offers the best performance in headroom management through custom dither algorithms and noise floor shaping, and supports samples rates up to 96kHz. AES/EBU and coaxial S/PDIF output are available, along with Wordclock I/O on BNC connectors.

Function Compressor/Limiter
Number of Channels 2
Inputs 2 x XLR Input
2 x XLR Sidechain Return
Outputs 2 x XLR Output
2 x XLR Sidechain Send
Maximum Input Level +30dBu balanced
Compression Threshold -40dBu to +30dBu
Compression Ratio 1:1 to Infinity:1
Attack Time 400dB/mS to 1dB/mS
Release Time 4000dB/Sec to 10dB/Sec
Gate Threshold Not applicable
Gate Rate Not applicable
Maximum Output Level 26dB
Make-up Gain -20dB to +20dB
Frequency Response 2Hz to 200kHz, +0/-3.0dB
Dynamic Range >122dB
Noise 96dB
Dimensions (LxWxH) 19" x 8" x 3 1/2" (483 x 203 x 88 mm)
Specialties PeakStopPlus 2-stage limiter with +4dBu to +30dBu threshold

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