The dbx 163 is a vintage single-channel compressor featuring dbx's proprietary 'overeasy' compression technology.

The only control on this compressor is a horizontal fader, sliding from less to more compression. According to the manual, the fader lowers the threshold of compression while boosting the gain simultaneously to  maintain a constant output level. It is a soft-knee compressor, which makes it very suitable for vocals, among other sources.

  • - input imp: 25 k-ohms
  • input level: +17 dBm nominal maximum, +24 dBm clipping point
  • output impedance: less than 47 ohms (active low-z output)
  • output level: +18 dBm into 2 k-ohms
  • threshold range: -36 to +4 dBm
  • compression ratio: automatically varies, from 1:1 below threshold to ∞:1 above threshold, in accordance with Over Easy curve
  • max compression: greater than 50 dB
  • attack time: program-dependent: 15 ms for 10 dB increase in input level (above threshold), 5 ms for 20 dB, 3 ms for 30 dB
  • release time: program-dependent: varies automatically from 0-420 ms, affected by settings of front-panel control

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