The 163X is a 1/2U single-channel “Over Easy” (program-dependant) compressor which dbx describes as “the Simplest Compressor in the World” as it features only two controls - a single 'compression' slider and a gain knob.

The dbx 163X rack mounted Compressor/Limiter provides traditional dbx sonic quality and performance for the working musician, DJ, studio operator, or anyone who needs a friendly compressor/limiter/preamp. The 163X incorporates dbx OverEasy compression with soft knee threshold, a patented dbx VCA and human-ear compatible true RMS detection. Key operating parameters are integrated and controlled by a single front panel slide control. After a simple level-set adjustment, the desired amount of compression can be rapidly and easily set or adjusted with the slider- without requiring the adjustment of separate Thershold, Ratio, and Output controls as found on conventional compressors.

Front panel inputs allow quick and complete system hookup and operation that can be switched over to instrument or microphone just by "plugging in" to the front panel. This front panel Hi-Z input includes a preamp (with rear panel trim) for bass, guitar, synthesizer or other Hi-Z devices, including a Hi-Z mic (or Lo-Z mic with appropriate transformer). The standard input and output jacks on the rear panel are designed for operation at the line levels from -30dBu to +10dBu.

The Gear Rack

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