The DBX 165A is a professional single-channel OverEasy compressor virtually identical to the 165 model, with the exception of the PeakStop feature.

Compression ratio continuously variable from 1:1 to infinity:1
In automatic mode, compressor attack and release times are determined by program material dynamics.
In manual mode, variable attack and release rates allow the 165A to be used as an ultra-fast or slower rms-detecting limiter.
PeakStop circuit prevents unwanted peaks from getting through.
Separate detector input allows compression pre-emphasis and other effects.
Each 165A is equipped with matched rms detectors for stereo-strapping operation without the signal-summing errors of conventional strapped compressors.
Analog rms meter is switchable to read input or output levels or the amount of gain reduction over a 30dB range.
Active balanced input for hum and RF rejection.
24dBv input/output capability.

Attack Times
Auto: 15 ms for 10 dB, 5 ms for 20 db, 3ms for 30dB;
Manual: variable from 2.5 us to 1 ms per dB

Release Times
Auto: 8 ms for 1 dB, 80 ms for 10 dB, 400 ms for 50 dB; (125 dB/s rate);
Manual: variable from 250 us to 100 ms per dB

Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 0.5 dB
THD: 0.2%, maximum compression, 1 kHz, 0 dBV
Noise: - 90 dBV
Maximum Input: + 24 dBV
Maximum Output: + 23 dBV
Input Impedance: 22k ohm differential, 11k ohm unbalanced
Output Impedance: Low single ended, for driving 600 ohm or greater
Gain: - 20 to + 20 dB
Threshold Range: - 40 to + 20 dBV (Compressor), - 2 to + 24 dBV (PeakStop)
Maximum Compression: Greater than 60 dB

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