The Drawmer 1973 is a 2-channel, 3-band FET Stereo Compressor offering variable frequency bands and a natural-sounding result.

In essence, the 1973 comprises a set of crossover filters that splits the audio signal into three frequency bands, each split signal then passes through its own compressor and is independently adjusted, after which the signals are recombined and the final Wet/Dry mix and levels can be adjusted. The advantage is that one band's compression has no affect on the others.

In a mastering situation, having independent control over each band can resolve a problem mix, pulling out individual instruments, brightening the brilliance/air or making the bottom end of a mix sound huge while simultaneously avoiding "pumping" or "breathing" artifacts and increasing headroom.

Type FET
Number of Channels 2
Controls Threshold, Attack, Release, Gain
Threshold -30 dB to 20 dB
Frequency Response 3Hz-70kHz (-3 dB)
Inputs 2 x XLR
Outputs 2 x XLR
Rack Spaces 2U
Height 3.46"
Depth 10.63"
Width 18.98"
Weight 2.20 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 1973

The Gear Rack

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