The TSC is a very high quality and warm sounding dual-channel Tube Amplifier, were the gain is controlled by the light-sensitive input attenuator.

The circuit design is based upon an LED illuminated high-speed resistor. This light-sensitive resistor is in fact part of an optical controlled potentiometer rather than a VCA. The result is the absence of any distortion in the gain-controlling device at the compressor/limiter level. The Tube amplifier does not change gain, and therefore it does not change the sound during compression.

The unique  detection circuit delivers a clean and very fast control voltage to the optical device. This avoids the often seen problem of many comps, where the compressed low frequencies are "modulated", especially when fast attack and release times are used. The benefit therefore is the extremely high linearity and thight sound also present at the lower end of the frequency spectrum.

Besides being a Compressor, the TSC is also a very high quality Tube Amplifier recommended as Recording Input Amplifier. With its gain range of +/- 15 dB and with the Threshold  set at zero, the TSC provides Level Adjustment Facility for many different analog sources before going to track. The TSC will also "warm up" already-recorded material, adding interest to a sound source.

Input and Output standard transformer balanced
Frequency response 10 Hz / 46 KHz -1.5 dB
Noise floor lower than -98 dB
Distortion lower than 0.03 %
Headroom + 28 dB
Compression 1:1.2 Limiter 1:20
Timing Attack @ Norm 10 ms - 2 sec.
Timing Attack @ Fast 0.4 ms - 1 sec.
Timing Release @ Norm 8 ms - 2.5 sec.
Timing Release @ Fast 1.2 ms - 0.85 sec.
Factory set for 115 Volt / 60 Hz or 230 Volt / 50 Hz.
Unit weight 7.5 Kg

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