The Platinum ComPounder is a high-performance, dual-mono compressor/limiter/gate, designed for the quality-conscious audio professional and project studio owner. This heavily featured unit is a useful tool for any style of music. The combination of high quality compression with the powerful Bass Expander, make this unit beneficial for any dance music engineer, musician, or club installer.

High specification compressor
The compressor in the ComPounder features Class-A amplification and a custom VCA circuit design derived from the legendary Red 3 Dual Compressor/Limiter, resulting in superb sound and very low distortion. Soft-and Hard-Knee compression curves and a wide ratio control that takes you beyond infinity for that classic pumping sound, means you have substantial control over compression. With the unique Bass Expander section you can make kick drums and bass riffs far more powerful and effective. The bass expander circuit uses a unique wire-wound inductor to generate extra bass harmonics, fattening up low frequency signals. Add to this the single Huge feature and be afraid, be very afraid!

Gate / Expander
The unique Opto-circuit featured in the ComPounder's two Gate/Expander sections ensures quiet operation with no pops or clicks. With a complete set of controls you have accurate control over gating, and the expand switch ensures professional noise reduction on difficult audio tracks such as vocals.

High performance opto-limiter
A matched pair of high quality Optos offers improved performance over standard VCA limiter designs which tend to add high levels of distortion, even when they are not limiting. The Limiter features a Class-A low-distortion design and accurate threshold control to ensure quality precision limiting. The limiter enables you to prevent overload when recording via the optional A/D.

True Stereo Linking
The link feature enables the ComPounder to act as a true stereo processor, enabling complete stereo control of every parameter. When switched to "link," the left channel becomes the master section and controls both left and right compressor and limiter sections simultaneously. Unlinking allows you to operate the unit as a dual-mono device, processing two separate channels independently.

  • Compressor
    Threshold: Range -24dB to 12dB
    Ratio: 1.3:1 through infinity to over compression
    Slope: select between hard- and soft-knee
    Attack and Release: Variable or auto (program dependent)
    Attack: 100microseconds to 100ms
    Release: 100ms to 4s
  • Limiter
    Threshold Range: 12dBu to 26dBu
    Ratio: infinity
    Attack: Fast
  • Gate
    Threshold Range: -40dB to +10dB
    Gate Range: -20dB or -80dB (full)
    Attack: switched fast or slow
    Release/Hold: variable or fixed 100ms to 4s
    Expander Ratio: 2:1
  • Inputs
    Electronically balanced, impedance 20kOhm, nominal level +4dBu/-10dBV switchable
  • Outputs
    Electronically balanced, impedance 50kOhm, nominal level +4dBu
    Unbalanced, ground compensated, impedance 75Ohm, nominal level -10dBV
  • Headroom
  • THD
    @ +6dBr, all sections IN, no gain reduction: <0.006% (80kHz BW)
    Distortion during gain reduction is determined by the attack and release times set
  • Noise (22kHz)
    -100dBr (compressor OUT)
    -87dBr (compressor IN)
  • Frequency Response
    5Hz - 200kHz +0/-2dB

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