The Focusrite Red 3 Class A Compressor Limiter delivers both dual mono and true stereo operation, securing its place amongst Focusrite’s most successful and recognisable products. The Red 3 is famous for being able to retain a natural sound, even when significant compression is being applied.

TheFocusrite Red range was released in 1994, with theRed delivering a unique two-channel compressor limiter which offers both dual mono and true stereo operation from a single set of controls. 

Channel inputs and outputs feature top-grade transformers that provide great isolation whilst maintaining high headroomand wide signal bandwidth. Each channel has separate controls for compression and limiting functions and features a VU type meter to provide indication of both signal level or gain changesWithin stereo mode, the two channels are linked with a common control and sensor network.

All control functions for both channels are accessible through the front panel controls, providing true stereo operation without the need to match multiple sets of controls.

The Red 3 uses the same circuit topology as the ISA130 compressor module, based around an innovative proprietary VCA design that earned Focusrite a TEC award for Outstanding Technical Achievement in Signal Processing Technology.

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