The GML 8900 is a two-channel compressor/limiter with an all discrete-transistor audio path featuring an extraordinary range of control allowing simulation of various fundamental automatic gain-control characteristics

The 8900 is the result of 22 years of research, prototyping, limited manufacturing, and features two RMS and one peak detector per channel, multiple variable crest factor controls and selectable soft/hard knee adjustments. The unit combines highly accurate log converters, true RMS detectors (which provide control of signal energy not just level), and other modern analog processing techniques in a stable "feed-forward" topology. The model 8900 also has side chain input and fits into a 2U x 19" space.

20 kOhm balanced bridging; Pin 2 hot
57 dB common mode rejection at 20kHz
+27.4 dBv maximum before clipping
Individually channel swichable on back panel for +4 or -10

±0.1 dB, 16 Hz to 68 kHz response (controls at zero)
0.01% Harmonic distortion at any frequency 20 Hz - 20 kHz1, no gain reduction
0.009% SMPTE Intermodulation distortion2
30 v/usec discrete low noise, high performance amplifiers
no electrolytic interstage or output coupling capacitors
noise -96.5 dBv bypassed, -74 dB absolute worst case (control position dependent)
rolloff: 3 dB down at 260 kHz

FORM FACTOR - 2 CHANNELS, Each with Separate Peak and Dual RMS Detectors
Discrete VCA; Discrete Audio Chain
Front Panel Sidechain; Stereo and multiple unit control link
40 Segment Tricolor meter; Meter range -20 to +20, true gain through unit
4 segment instantaneous ratio meter (approximate indication of soft knee actuation)
Peak, FastRMS and SlowRMS indicators

+27.4 dBv clipping; unbalanced; Pin 2 Hot
3 mv output offset, stabilized by D.C. servo correction

external power supply: ±28 VDC & ±18 VDC
ground and chassis straps at rear
19" x 3 1/2" rack case, black anodized aluminium, silver legend, 8 1/2" deep
weight: 7 lbs.

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