The Gyraf Audio Gyratec XXI Magneto-Dynamic Infundibulum is a one of a kind passive three-band parallel analogue soft-clipper designed to control dynamic peaks in stereo mastering applications.

The Gyraf Audio Gyratec XXI is truly unique and is designed to let you clip the certain frequencies without affecting the other. Unlike most multi-band designs, the Gyratec XXI avoids phasing issues at the recombining stage by using a parallel design. Each band is assigned to its own clipping circuitry and channel to be affected independently. As clipping audio generate harmonics, small controls to one band will have noticeable effects into the other bands and as a result the Gyratec XXI is not a set and forget unit and requires a lot of fine tuning. 

Each of the three band feature Frequency controls with frequencies ranging from 35Hz to 245Hz for the low band, 270Hz to 2.70kHz or 235Hz to 18kHz for the mid band depending on the “Shape” selected and 3.3kHz to 15kHz, as well as level controls ranging from “Full” to “Out” with “Out” deactivating the clipper circuitry. Each band also feature a “Mode” function which changes the behaviour of the unit for that band from substractive EQ in “Cut” mode to clipping in “Clip” mode to hard bypass.

In addition of the 3-band Clipper circuitry, the Gyraf Audio Gyratec XXI boasts an additional overall clipping stage with overall clipping level control and selectable clipping threshold. A “Clip Range” control lets you select a pre-emphasis curve for the overall clipping. Choose from linear “White”, 3dB/oct “Pink” and 5dB/oct Red pre-clipping emphasis.

The Gyraf Gyratec XXI features an 18dB/oct high-pass filter that can be set to 25dB or 35dB when engaged. This enables you to clean the incoming signal prior to further processing. The Gyratec XXI is entirely passive and uses audio transformers to create the clipping by creating complex parallel impedance to affect the transformers magnetic field.

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